Absolute Focus is a Pilates-inspired training class that focuses on the abs. 

Tired of going through never-ending rounds of crunches at the gym to no avail? Want to get perfect abs before that holiday to the beach? Men and women often long for perfect, shapely abs over their beer bellies and post pregnancy flabs. As things stand, balancing a rewarding career and family at home is no easy feat; as it often leaves little space to catch a breather. 

Get Into Peak Physical Shape For Your Abs

This is where Pilates comes into the equation. With more than 600 exercises and forms, Pilates help keep ab workouts fun as it sculpts your core into tip-top shape. And the rewards aren’t just for show. 

An Effective Method To Unlocking Visible Results

If performed the right way, Pilates exercises can produce abs more effectively than crunches. Do them three times per week on every alternate day and you will start seeing visible results in no time!

Develop Your Core Like Never Before

Every minute of your hour is maximized during our classes. The routine is specially targeted to sculpt the core muscles, enhance core strength and build endurance. Intensity builds with dynamic routines set to upbeat music. 

Pilates may look like a breeze but we can assure you, that it’s anything but. A serious core workout, Pilates sets itself apart by its focus on toning the muscles with bands, springs and your very own body weight. 

Suitable For All Fitness Buffs

This workout is designed for all levels. Expect a challenging workout that pushes your body to the limit and the mind to the present. Carve out your hour, sculpt up and find your absolute focus. 

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