Combining elements of both cardio and strength training, this class is perfect for those who are in need of a total body workout.

Why are circuit training programs so popular these days?

It works!

Bored of running on the treadmill all the time? It’s time to switch it up with circuit training!


Circuit training is a high-intensity workout that combines elements of cardio and strength training for a full-body workout.

Circuit fitness training programs and workouts are a form of high intensity fitness regime whereby multiple fitness activities are combined into one large routine (circuit), performed with short time-intervals. After the circuit is completed, a short rebreathing break occurs in preparation for the next circuit. Multiple circuit workouts will be included within a training session. This is a highly structured, timed, and well organised fitness activity.

Circuit training workouts offer the flexibility of mixing things up – you’ll never be tied down to a single exercise routine again. The exercises are targeted to work a specific area like your arms, glutes, legs, core and back. From your upper body to your legs and your core, you’ll definitely feel the burn that comes with fast-paced circuit training.

Unlike jogging on a treadmill, which is repetitive and doesn’t burn as many calories, beat the boredom with a fun and dynamic full body circuit training workout! With its flexible format, your circuit training can be changed, so you don’t hit an exercise plateau. Keep your routine fresh and new with different exercises every week! The options are practically endless.


Be prepared to sweat it out and get your heart rate up in circuit workouts. Move from station to station, completing different exercises at each station. You’ll be getting little to no rest as you move between stations, so you’ll learn to build your strength and aerobic fitness. Your heart rate remains elevated throughout as you quickly jump from one exercise to another. Just watch those calories burn right off!

As a quick and fast-paced workout, it’s a great option for busy bees. It’s one of the more time-efficient ways to enhance your cardiovascular fitness and improve muscle endurance, so no more excuses! Grab your friends and join in the fun!


Full body workout circuit training is not easy. Motivation is key to individual success from our programs. The motivation to push yourself beyond your self-imposed boundaries and to discover a new you, will significantly help you achieve your desired results.  The repetitive regime will be tiring, but the burn is a key that eventually will unlock the reward to a new you.


High intensity strength workouts like circuit training are proven to improve stamina and muscle strength, and endurance. This can help you regain cardiovascular health and will dramatically improve your physique.

Ready to take your workout to the next level? Join our strength training circuit workout class today!


Should you have any questions or queries about our amazing circuit fitness training programs, reach out to us today, and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you shortly.

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