Hit a plateau in your fitness and strength training? Accelerate fat burn with TOPFIT’s HIIT workout program (High Intensity Interval Training).

What are HIIT workout programs? 

HIIT training has made a name for itself in the fitness world for its ability to maximise your performance, speed, and strength. It’s particularly useful for athletes but is also one of the best training methods for those looking to cut weight and smash their fitness goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

HIIT strength training consists of short bursts of incredibly intense exercise – typically around 20 seconds at a time. The next step is to rest – normally anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute at a time. Sounds easy? Come for an initial session, and you’ll soon realise why it’s earned its name.

At TOPFIT, our HIIT classes are designed as a strength-based training program. However, HIIT training can be modified depending on whether you have cardiovascular or strength goals.


Those last few kilos are always the hardest. HIIT strength training workout programs increase your heart rate in the shortest time possible, burning stubborn fat like never before - perfect for those who want a fast-paced workout session to fit into busy schedules.


HIIT is a group class run by TOPFIT’s coaching team. With a maximum of only six people per class, our trainers are making sure you’re keeping up with the pace in a close-knit environment. In a smaller class like this, our trainers will also be able to offer a more personal approach and targeted advice specific to you.

●       A wide variety of exercises

●       A feeling of incredible achievement – At 50 minutes long, a HIIT workout may be short, but with minimal rest, it’s definitely one of the most challenging. 

HIIT workouts are not a one-size-fits-all program. All exercises can be fine-tuned to your individual ability meaning no matter what stage you’re at in your fitness journey, you’re more welcome to join in and be part of the TOPFIT community.


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