curated experience that delivers on its promise:

results, support, camaraderie, community, and fun.


Located in Central, our gym and specialised group training is proven to help make you stronger, faster and fitter than you ever thought possible. That’s the truth! Our experienced personal trainers focus on the fundamentals of fitness through Circuit Training, HIIT, Pilates, Abs Workout, TRX, Personal Training, and so much more. Each of our fitness classes at our Central gym focus on a different aspect of your health, training a wide range of muscles and getting your fitness to a level where you can feel proud. Let us find your personalised fitness program to make those results happen.

Time at our fitness centre is your time and how exercise should be: a focused and special time for you and your fitness goals. We offer as much guidance you need and will help you reach your goals through targeted fitness classes.

Our trainers will help you fall in love with exercise and make it your favourite quality time.

We tick all the boxes that matter:

  • Motivational and friendly atmosphere.

  • Fantastic trainers with dedicated and professional service.

  • Top of the line equipment and exercise regimes

  • Helping you set realistic goals and enjoy personal achievements


Our personal fitness training gym is located in the heart of the Central district. Premium gym equipment, highly-skilled and qualified instructors, as well as a wide range of immersive classes offer endless options throughout your fitness journey. We strive to offer an elite and results-driven experience within a supportive, enjoyable atmosphere, meaning you’re bound to have fun as you smash each and every one of your goals in our personal training gym.

Regarding COVID-19


With the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the globe, TOPFIT is very concerned about the health and safety of its clients and staff.

Therefore, we regret to inform you that with effect from March 18, 2020 (Wednesday), if anyone has been outside of Hong Kong within the past 14 days, must refrain from visiting our personal training gym until at least 14 days after returning to Hong Kong. If you have been in close contact with persons who have arrived from overseas less than 14 days ago, please also refrain from visiting our studio. Our number one priority is to do our best to prevent and protect our community against any possible transmission of the virus.